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     Name : Subhadra Haran (DVD) (1964)
     Releaser Info :
     Releasing Date : 1964
     Genre : Drama
     Size : 208 MB
     Duration : 02:18
     Starcast : Arun Sarnaik Jayshree Gadkar Raja Nene Shahu Modak Suryakant
     Description : Mahabharat, the evergreen epic of Bharat, reminds one, of its moving star- Bhagwan Shree Krishna. A page from that evergreen epic, near and dear to its readers has been rendered greener still by the glorious presentation of SUBHADRA HARAN which had held and shall continue to hold spellbound any reader, for generations to come. . Cupid has played havoc with Arjun and Subhadra, the younger sister of Shree Krishna, since their childhood. Balaram, Shree Krishnas elder brother and Shree Krishna himself had agreed to give her in marriage to Arjun. But Shakuni, the maternal uncle of Kaurawas, had his own axe to grind and decides to get Subhadra married to Duryodhan, the eldest of the Kaurawas, who yarned to marry Subhadra. Shakuni, with all the viles at his command, wins over the simpleton that Balaram is. Balaram forgets his promise and consents to the marriage of Subhdra with Duryodhan. The mortifying news acts adversely on the health of Subhadra. Shree Krishna pretends that he is unconcerned with the proposed marriage, though in the hearts he desires to unite the houses of Yadavas and Pandavas. Agonies and sufferings of Subhadra melt the heart of Rukmini and she entreats her husband, shree Krishna , to do his bit and help Subhadra. Shree Krishna tells her that Balaram being elder knows the job best. . Shree Krishna pretends that he has no objection to the marriage of Subhadra with Duryodhan and takes active part in the preparations for the marriage, nevertheless, he has chalked out his own plans to achieve his own objectives. . On the date fixed for marriage the marriage party arrives in Dwarka. Shree Krishna sends for Ghatotkach and orders him to play his pranks and he himself accompanies his elder brother Balaram to receive the marriage party. . Ghatotkacha plays havoc with his Maya with the marriage party. How he does it, how the proposed marriage is broken and how Shree Krishnas objectives are achieved can better be seen on the Silver Screen than described
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